food writers: a literary dine-out

gluten-free-restaurantsThe work of food writers should not be exclusively enjoyed by food lovers.  I spent last Friday afternoon giggling over reviews of the Stock restaurant in Toronto.  Good food writers take you on an unique palatable experience full of sense and satire, and the timing of a stand-up comic.  I think it comes from eating a lot of good and bad food.  Eating is a personal and sensuous experience.  Regular bad dining would make a hostile satirist out of anybody.  A good dining experience would have to be exceptional for those who must eat themselves out a lot.

My boss asked me to look into the Stock for a business lunch and I was intrigued by the ‘chocolate-lab’ that the poorly designed restaurant website showcased.  So I spent part of the afternoon falling into some brilliantly unimpressed reviews of this restaurant.

menus-business-cards-restaurant-28166569One of my long-time favourite food writers is Corey Mintz who writes a weekly column called FED for the Toronto Star food section.  Food is paramount to his writing and this appears to have armed him with the most essential elements of a great storyteller: passion for his subject, tons of experience with his subject, and thus, the ability to fully experience a moment, at least in a kitchen or restaurant.

Better than flash fiction; though the experiences are real, they hold the creative flavour of great story.  Check out a local food column or blog for a literary sweet.

  1. More than chopped liver – by Corey Mintz
  2. Turkey again – by Corey Mintz:
  3. Stock Restaurant review: Trump Tower’s lunch is overvalued – by Amy Pataki:
  4. MB900448711The Trump Tower’s Stock: A veal chop for $48? That’s rich – by Joanne Kates
  5. Chowhound – a web-board for passionate foodies