A World Wide Web of lyw-Tube?

Slide2A couple of years ago, I attempted to form a poetry project group to explore new ways to market poets and poetry.  The group is still forming and I’m ready whenever it becomes so.  Patience is something.  But in the meantime, with that initiative in mind, I recently opened a YouTube channel specific towards sharing videos on poetry, literature, art and to promote my own work as a poet.

YouTube is a great way for writers to present individual work.  By adding a little sound, colour and animation, literature can have a much wider and dynamic reach.

Anybody who has enjoyed a great literary work knows that once you get into that great piece you don’t need anything external to give you music, motion or visual engagement. However, the truth is that the poetry market is very small and very niche.  I want my poetry as well as the poets who inspire me to be more widely read and made relevant to today.  Being online is as live and current as it can get in terms of marketing and publishing.

boatNo more old-school cafe poetry readings for me.  Nobody wants to listen to a shy writer who can’t perform in public.  Now, if I’m not a great performer, I’m also not a professional video editor either but the videos are a far better marketing tool than me trying to sweat out my work on a local and lonely stage.

I never dreamed of having a YouTube channel, however, I am certain it has more promise than the traditional trade routes for poetry these days. Let’s just see how this goes.  I promise not to post too much.  😉  Social media these days can sometimes feel like a barrage of over-share.

If you would like, please check out the first video launch in the below YouTube link.  There are other poetic and literary videos shared on this channel.  I hope that if my own poetry does not move you, this channel’s mission might encourage you to explore the online potential for shared and sharing literary works.

The Ferry Woman – by lyw @ YouTube.com :

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