A Real Body Shop: Home-made Vanilla Perfume Oil recipes

I recently wrote a customer comment to the Body Shop regarding the discontinuation of some of their perfume oils, mainly my favourite: the Vanilla Perfume Oil.  I wrote that I was disappointed by this and one Google search on ‘body shop discontinued vanilla perfume oil‘ showed that I was not the only one.

I also suggested that due to this disappointment a re-launch of these products might make a profitable marketing campaign as consumers of non-essential products would come out for nostalgia alone.

I received a cold and generic form letter and I did not want to settle for that response.

Is vanilla perfume oil so hard to make?   One additional Google search on, ‘vanilla perfume oil recipe’, showed me simple to complex recipes, conversations and ideas all about home-made perfume oils.  I felt like Alice in a whole new Wonderland!

Now a friend once told me that I needed to understand the mind of the average consumer – who are apparently all like him.  He buys things not only for the product but convenience and has no interest in finding out where to buy jojoba oil, vanilla beans, or watching these things soak in perfectly good vodka.

I am thoroughly entertained by the idea that I might be able to produce this prized product and hope to make an adventure out of discovering what makes this a passionate subject for all those websites I found in my Google search.  Yes, the trial and error risks might make this more of a nightmare, however, it would be less interesting without them.

Vanilla Perfume Oil recipes:

Finally, for a scent closer to the product once sold by the Body Shop, one website has provided the following analysis:  Fragrantica.com

What is the Real Body Shop?  It’s my own.  As a consumer in this Western hemisphere, I am the business of finding the right products and services for me.  And a good real body shop owner would take the time to make the most intelligent and suitable choices for his/her body, rather than trust whatever a brand or price suggests.

Now some things are harder to make or do than others, of course.  I’m not going to try any electrical engineering or amateur plumbing based on any Google searches.  Or I don’t know, maybe …