Missed Happiness Day

I just learned that March 20th was the United Nations’ declared first International Day of Happiness.  At first I thought, oh crap, was I happy?  I don’t remember. Then I thought, who got the memo?  I certainly didn’t. 

images c/o http://www.un.org

Anyway, the quote off the UN page is nice as are the pictures of children, reinforcing a theme that has been reinforced a lot lately for me; that happiness requires happy children whether it be by surrounding oneself with happy children, remembering happiness from childhood, or keeping entertained the happy child in yourself:

On a P.S. note, I discovered this news when I went searching for details on Poetry Month being celebrated at the Toronto Reference Library.  Somebody did a blog about International Happiness Day, offering several published angles on the happiness thing from Stephen Covey to Buddhist theory.

P.S.S., on the TRL’s happiness brainstorm, I remember a little film I saw at the Toronto Film Festival several years ago that implied that happiness is transient and must be allowed to have its moment and die.  We must trust that more happiness is on its way.  Anybody who tries to hold onto a moment of happiness is prone to madness.  Well, that was my take on White Night Wedding loosely based on a Chekhov play.

Penguin Cafe’s Perpetuum Mobile for this September 11th

Have a song of happiness and hope on this September 11th anniversary.

Penguin Cafe Orchestra’s Perpetuum Mobile c/o a great youtube video.

Fell in love with this song as it helped the sun rise over a tired, old town in the claymation film, Mary and Max.  The piano phrase invites you and the rest of the song to come run away with it and slowly the strings and cute puttering horns follow after.  It’s a beautiful song for a sweet movie.