What are the Odds of Meeting The Numbers Guy?

The chances are good if you were keeping up with the upcoming Toronto Jewish Film Festival, May 5 – 15th, 2016, that advised, ‘If you buy something at The Big Carrot in Toronto, and David is your cashier, he’ll surprise you with an awesome historical fact or math equation based on your total. But there’s more to David than meets the eye.’

However, I just wanted to buy some organic tea that wasn’t grown with a cocktail of pesticides and locked in a plastic tea bag, and lo and behold, as David rings in my tea he begins applying the total of my purchase to a total of measurements that made up the length of a bridge in New York.

As much as I like friendliness and unique characters, city life has made me wary and paranoid.  But before I could start worrying, David pointed to the movie poster on the wall of the Big Carrot and explained that he was the ‘Numbers Guy’ being featured in a short documentary.  I loved that.  He said he had devoted his life to numbers and never imagined that it would get him featured in his own documentary.  He was extremely congenial about his share and only offered more information about the showing when I asked.

Here is some more media coverage on the short documentary and the film festival.  It sounds like it should be a good ticket.  Regardless, if you are in Toronto and want to do a little health food shopping, please take the opportunity to meet this friendly, numeric fellow:

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