Playing with Storytelling

Always Sometimes Monsters is an award-winning PC game that, if you play, you will most likely only do so once — much like life!  Getting you all riled up about everything that is so wrong and right about it.  The difference is you could play it again if you wanted to – change all your choices – even develop a mod to change the game.  Game only, not life.  Or maybe.  I don’t know.

Kudos to the Canadian indie gaming company for creating such an interesting experience that had so many people talking on the internet about life choices.  It’s cheap, it’s short (unless you don’t use the help guides for that damn boxing interval), it’s – not cheerful.  An ending (or endings) worthy of some good ol’ English Lit deconstruction on self-love vs. all the other alternatives. This game got me thinking that lit writers, who aren’t feeling enough love from the paper publishing industry, might want to start turning their attention this way.  PC games today may still favour violence and a blatant disregard for logic but this game demonstrates that an absurd world also provides a lot of potential for playing with, and for, greater and more twisted storytelling.

Reminiscent to this game is the latest poem featured on the lywTube channel, Happy as Monsters, by Lauren Mascitelli: a happy, urban gothic trip wonderfully illustrated by the artist herself.  Please check out the poetry video:












Author: lillian y wong

lyw (lillian y wong) is a writer.

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