Cohen’s Hallelujah, quietly

Love poetry is often best served in a good song; great music and voice to sugar-coat the sugar coats.  However, Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ is a song that I prefer to read.  This is a beautiful poem.  There is no sugar.  There is a lot of passion, though, and depth; enough to make one want to turn down the noise and listen to the words very carefully.

Facts from Wikipedia:

Author: lillian y wong

lyw (lillian y wong) is a writer.

3 thoughts on “Cohen’s Hallelujah, quietly”

    1. Yes, I’ve read pieces from this collection. However, I have never read them aloud and will try this night.

      It’s amazing how poets, musicians and artists are drawn to Cohen’s uncomfortable honesty. He really reaches for the guts — but many writers do. He’s not just spewing guts. He grabs his subject powerfully and purposefully. I want to listen to him — like Suzanne by the river — because there is something beautiful, in that discomfort, that I will be grateful to hear and know. It seems so contrary to what mainstream music would find acceptable yet I think it is because he does it so well and so apologetically that it’s hard not to take him as he is.

      I love that he made his poetry more accessible by writing in song as well. I have no doubt that listeners followed his music into his quieter work.

      My favourite reference to his work is the selected poems and songs from the ‘Stranger Music’ publication. It covers the span of his work up until the mid-90’s very well.

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