the power of a great noodle

Kenny’s Noodle. Yes, that’s what it’s called.

My father took me to a noodle-house, on this Civic Holiday, since he knows that I know the the value of a good wonton soup.  Damn fine noodles they were and made in-house.  The restaurant also has all the old-fashioned Cantonese dessert drinks that bring me back to when I was a wee lass.

It is a noodle-house franchise that came over to Toronto about 15 years ago.  According to my father, the franchise is very popular in Hong Kong and the Chinese name translates into ‘putting something together’ and ‘something like memories.’  At that, my father explained that this was hard for him to translate into English.  I suspect there’s a good story behind this franchise but don’t ask my father cuz he’s a man of few words.  However, he added that anybody looking for noodles or wontons should go to a noodle-house, like Kenny’s, rather than a non-specialized Chinese restaurant.

The franchise, in Richmond Hill, Ontario, goes by the name “Kenny’s Noodle” (there isn’t a typo there).  Also given the vast difference between the Chinese and English name, I wonder if there is really a Kenny.  Never mind that because the noodles are good, the soup base isn’t wacked-out in MSG,  the wait staff are quick and helpful, and the restaurant has a nice open concept.

Jaspers Deli, Toronto, ONP.S. I must add, on the subject of wontons, that the best I have ever eaten in Toronto are actually found in a little underground shop in the downtown financial district called Jasper’s Deli.  They serve a variety of Western lunches and breakfasts for the business folk, and they also serve a lovely, wonton soup (without noodles, unfortunately) that is pure comfort food.  It’s also great if you have a cold.

P.S.S. If you want to try it yourself:

P.S.S.S. The ultimate, very serious/funny, movie on noodles for your noodle:  Tampopo.

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